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The Teri Tome – My 2019 Hits and Misses

I launched my blog The Teri Tome on March 18, 2015, and for those of you who are regular readers, you know that the things I write about run the gamut from personal to political to fiction and anything in between.

And even though The Teri Tome is almost five years old, the angst over whether to click “POST” and shoot my writings through cyberspace has never diminished.

I was recently asked by a friend to sum up 2019 in one word, and my first thought was: POST.

Of all the words I could have come up with, POST was what came to mind.

I guess because everything I do these days always comes back to:

“I’m so going to post a blog about this…”

Whether it be the mundane, the insane, the ridiculous, the heartbreak…

I can’t stop posting. Even when I know it’s not in my best interest.

Every Sunday, I go to the backend of my blog and check out my page views by post for the week.

And it never fails, that I am always shocked at the results.

The posts I hope will be a “Hit” are usually not.

Don’t get me wrong, I always go into my writing frenzy, with the thought in mind that whatever I write will in all probability be a miss.

It’s the only way I can go through the exhausting routine without getting my hopes up that people will like my work, and then being disappointed.

Hit or miss, I write anyway.

And I’m not trying to cry a river but writing a blog post takes a ton of time and energy.

Particularly the posts that are not in my best interest. Those are the most challenging and difficult to write. They take added effort and stamina, but they mostly take courage and a grueling mental toll.

So today being Sunday, I checked out the hits and misses, not only for the week but for all of 2019.

At the end of last year, I put together the Top Hits and Duds of 2018, which included the best and worst of all Teri Tome time (2015-2018).

For 2019, I thought I would change it up a bit.

I wrote 36 blog posts in 2019, so I decided to highlight the top two hits and the number one miss.

And since I took the time and effort today to analyze my best and worst posts of all time (2015-2019), I might as well share the top two hits so that today’s analysis wasn’t a complete waste.

The 36 posts I wrote in 2019 generated over 140,000 page views, which I suppose is okay.

I say okay, because in 2018, I only wrote 18 posts and had close to the same number of page views, so for 2019, double the posts did not equate to double the views. Not even close.

Oh well, let’s hope for better results in 2020.

I’ll start with the worst miss of 2019:

#1 MISS 

MY STOLEN DIARIES: A NOVELOG: Okay, to be fair, I only wrote this blog post one week ago, so it will take some time for it to work its way through the internet. And I’ve only blogged one chapter so far! I am so hoping that this post does well for the main reason that it is excerpted from a novel I have been writing — for like a gazillion years. Plus, I invented the word NOVELOG to describe my novel-in-a-blog, and I am hoping it sticks as a solid description for writers out there who are looking for a word to describe their efforts to blog their novels. #NOVELOG

And now for my top two 2019 posts:

#1 HIT

U.S. SENATE SEATS UP FOR REELECTION IN 2020: I was super happy that this blog post was the 2019 top post. First, because people should care about which Senators are up for reelection in 2020, and second, because this post took hours upon hours, and then more hours to pull together. So thanks to my readers for giving back!

#2 HIT

TURKISH SOLDIERS DROVE MY GRANDPARENTS OUT OF SYRIA IN 1920: I was thrilled to see this post hit the number two spot because anyone who has had to suffer at the hands of murdering dictators deserves to get the sympathy and recognition they deserve. Plus, I am so sick of Turkey getting away with their denials and lies about what they did to the Christians during the Armenian Genocide.       


#1 HIT OF 2015-2019

BULLIES ARE COWARDS AND WHY I REFUSE TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK: Year after year, this post continues to outperform all the others, and to date, has garnered over 500,000 page views. And year after year I’m thankful for the blog traffic, but the fact that “bullies” is my number one keyword says volumes about the character of our world. And as history has shown us there are way too many psychopathic bullies out there. And from my own personal experiences, someone with a psychopathic personality disorder will always display some sort of mental disorder topped off by a narcissistic disorder. As far as I’m concerned, all three disorders are little more than a convenient label for crackpots and social deviants who over-estimate and exaggerate their abilities, status, intelligence, and looks.

#2 HIT OF 2015-2019 

MY SUN PHOBIA—JUST CALL ME DRACULESS: Ironically, my number two Teri Tome post of all time also features a mental disorder, this one born from anxiety and fear. To date, the page views for this post has exceeded the 400,000 mark. And since this post is about me, I will confess that through therapy I long ago discovered that my phobia was indeed triggered by an unfortunate event although my trigger had nothing to do with the sun. I’ll leave the full explanation for a future blog post.

In reviewing my 2019 hits and misses, as well as my top two posts of all Teri Tome time, I’m at peace with the results.

And I’m prideful that I continue to push myself to put it all out there, and okay, I have some regrets.

But what I don’t regret is when I am long gone, there will be no doubt about who I was, or what I felt, or where I loved, or why I feared.

Because, the who, what, when, why and where of Teri will be present in each and every post, regardless of whether they hit or miss.

Happy New Year to my loyal readers. I wish for you a 2020 that will turn many of your hopes and dreams into reality.

Current Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

If we’ve learned anything from the 2018 midterm elections, it’s that political complacency is no longer an option. And to effect change, there is no need to look any further than your own legislative backyards.

The 435 U.S. House of Representatives, along with the 100 who serve in the Senate, composes the legislature of the United States.

House Members serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year.

The 2018 United States House of Representatives elections were held on November 6, 2018, and since they serve two-year terms, all 435 will be considered for reelection in 2020.

A member of the House is referred to as a Representative, Congressman, or Congresswoman.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives each represent a portion of their state known as a Congressional District, which averages 700,000 people. Senators, however, represent the entire state.

Under Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution, in the House of Representatives, a state’s representation is based on its population as measured by the U.S. Census.

Each state, however, is entitled to at least one Representative. For example, smaller states like Vermont and Delaware have one representative while large states like California have 53 representatives.

The Constitution does not provide for the representation of the District of Columbia or the territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Marina Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, although each is represented by one non-voting delegate. They have a voice on the floor but have no voting power.

The House is charged with the passage of federal legislation, otherwise known as bills, which, after concurrence by the Senate, are sent to the President for consideration.

The House also has the exclusive power to initiate bills for raising revenue, to impeach officials, and to choose the President in the event that a presidential candidate fails to get a majority of the Electoral College votes.

The House of Representatives is informally referred to as the “lower” house, while the Senate is referred to as the “upper” house.

The party with the majority of seats in the House is known as the majority party.

In the House of Representatives, the majority party holds significant power to draft chamber rules and schedule bills to reach the floor for debate and voting.

In most cases, House rules will limit debate so that important legislation can be passed during one legislative business day.

To run for House of Representatives, he or she must be at least 25 years of age, have been a citizen of the United States for at least 7 years, and at the time of the election is a resident of the state they represent.   Members are not required to live in the district they represent, but they traditionally do.

Of the current 435 members of the House, 235 are Democrats, 199 are Republicans and there is one vacancy (North Carolina District 9).

The Democrats have taken control of the US House of Representatives for the first time in eight years.

To contact your Representative click here.


Alabama (7 Representatives):  1 Democrat, 5 Republicans

Alaska (1 Representative): 1 Republican

Arizona (9 Representatives): 5 Democrats, 4 Republicans

Arkansas (4 Representatives): 4 Republicans

California (53 Representatives): 46 Democrats, 7 Republicans

Colorado (7 Representatives): 4 Democrats, 3 Republicans

Connecticut (5 Representatives): 5 Democrats

Delaware (1 Representative): 1 Democrat

Florida (27 Representatives): 13 Democrats, 14 Republicans

Georgia (14 Representatives): 5 Democrats, 8 Republicans

Hawaii (2 Representatives): 2 Democrats

Idaho (2 Representatives): 2 Republicans

Illinois (18 Representatives): 13 Democrats, 5 Republicans

Indiana (9 Representatives): 2 Democrats, 7 Republicans

Iowa (4 Representatives): 3 Democrats, 1 Republican

Kansas (4 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 3 Republicans

Kentucky (6 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 5 Republicans

Louisiana (6 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 5 Republicans

Maine (2 Representatives): 2 Democrats

Maryland (8 Representatives): 7 Democrats, 1 Republican

Massachusetts (9 Representatives): 9 Democrats

Michigan (14 Representatives): 7 Democrats, 7 Republicans

Minnesota (8 Representatives): 5 Democrats, 3 Republicans

Mississippi (4 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 3 Republicans

Missouri (8 Representatives): 2 Democrats, 6 Republicans

Montana (1 Representative): 1 Republican

Nebraska (3 Representatives): 3 Republicans

Nevada (4 Representatives): 3 Democrats, 1 Republican

New Hampshire (2 Representatives): 2 Democrats

New Jersey (12 Representatives): 11 Democrats, 1 Republican

New Mexico (3 Representatives): 3 Democrats

New York (27 Representatives): 21 Democrats, 6 Republicans

North Carolina (13 Representatives): 3 Democrats, 9 Republicans (1 vacant seat)

North Dakota (1 Representative): 1 Republican

Ohio (16 Representatives):  4 Democrats, 12 Republicans

Oklahoma (5 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 4 Republicans

Oregon (5 Representatives): 4 Democrats, 1 Republican

Pennsylvania (18 Representatives):  9 Democrats, 9 Republicans

Rhode Island (2 Representatives): 2 Democrats

South Carolina (7 Representatives): 2 Democrats, 5 Republicans

South Dakota (1 Representative): 1 Republican

Tennessee (9 Representatives): 2 Democrats, 7 Republicans

Texas (36 Representatives): 13 Democrats, 23 Republicans

Utah (4 Representatives): 1 Democrat, 3 Republicans

Vermont (1 Representative): 1 Democrat

Virginia (11 Representatives): 7 Democrats, 4 Republicans

Washington (10 Representatives):  7 Democrats, 3 Republicans

West Virginia (3 Representatives): 3 Republicans

Wisconsin (8 Representatives):  3 Democrats, 5 Republicans

Wyoming (1 Representative): 1 Republican

Below is the complete list of current members of the United States House of Representatives by political party and State:


Alabama (District 7): Terri Sewell, Current age: 53

Arizona (District 1): Tom O’Halleran, Current age: 72

Arizona (District 2): Ann Kirkpatrick, Current age: 69

Arizona (District 3): Raul Grijalva, Current age: 71

Arizona (District 7): Ruben Gallego, Current age: 40

Arizona (District 9): Greg Stanton, Current age: 49

California (District 2): Jared Huffman, Current age: 55

California (District 3): John Garamendi, Current age: 74

California (District 5): Mike Thompson, Current age: 68

California (District 6): Doris Matsui, Current age: 75

California (District 7): Ami Bera, Current age: 54

California (District 9): Jerry McNerney, Current age: 68

California (District 10): Josh Harder, Current age:33

California (District 11): Mark DeSaulnier, Current age: 67

California (District 12): Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House), Current age: 79

California (District 13): Barbara Lee, Current age: 73

California (District 14): Jackie Speier, Current age: 69

California (District 15): Eric Swalwell, Current age: 39

California (District 16): Jim Costa, Current age: 67

California (District 17): Ro Khanna, Current age: 43

California (District 18): Anna Eshoo, Current age: 77

California (District 19): Zoe Lofgren, Current age: 72

California (District 20): Jimmy Panetta, Current age: 50

California (District 21): T.J. Cox, Current age: 56

California (District 24): Salud Carbajal, Current age: 55

California (District 25): Katie Hill, Current age:32

California (District 26): Julia Brownley, Current age: 67

California (District 27): Judy Chu, Current age: 66

California (District 28): Adam Schiff, Current age: 59

California (District 29): Tony Cardenas, Current age: 56

California (District 30): Brad Sherman, Current age: 65

California (District 31): Pete Aguilar, Current age: 40

California (District 32): Grace Napolitano, Current age: 83

California (District 33): Ted Lieu, Current age: 50

California (District 34):  Jimmy Gomez, Current age: 45

California (District 35): Norma Torres, Current age: 54

California (District 36): Raul Ruiz, Current age: 47

California (District 37): Karen Bass, Current age: 66

California (District 38): Linda Sanchez, Current age: 50

California (District 39): Gil Cisneros, Current age: 48

California (District 40): Lucille Roybal-Allard, Current age: 78

California (District 41): Mark Takano, Current age: 59

California (District 43): Maxine Waters, Current age: 81

California (District 44): Nanette Barragan, Current age: 43

California (District 45): Katie Porter, Current age: 45

California (District 46): Lou Correa, Current age: 61

California (District 47): Alan Lowenthal, Current age: 78

California (District 48): Harley Rouda, Current age: 58

California (District 49): Mike Levin, Current age: 41

California (District 51): Juan Vargas, Current age: 58

California (District 52): Scott Peters, Current age: 61

California (District 53): Susan Davis, Current age: 75 (Retiring)

Colorado (District 1): Diana DeGette, Current age: 62

Colorado (District 2): Joe Neguse, Current age: 35

Colorado (District 6): Jason Crow, Current age: 40

Colorado (District 7): Ed Perlmutter, Current age: 66

Connecticut (District 1): John B. Larson, Current age: 71

Connecticut (District 2): Joe Courtney, Current age: 66

Connecticut (District 3): Rosa DeLauro, Current age: 76

Connecticut (District 4): Jim Hines, Current age: 53

Connecticut (District 5): Jahana Hayes, Current age: 46

Delaware (At Large): Lisa Blunt Rochester, Current age: 57

Florida (District 5): Al Lawson, Current age: 71

Florida (District 7): Stephanie Murphy, Current age: 41

Florida (District 9): Darren Soto, Current age: 41

Florida (District 10): Val Demings, Current age: 62

Florida (District 13): Charlie Crist, Current age: 63

Florida (District 14): Kathy Castor, current age: 53

Florida (District 20): Alcee Hastings, Current age: 83

Florida (District 21): Lois Frankel, Current age: 71

Florida (District 22): Ted Deutch, Current age: 53

Florida (District 23): Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Current age: 53

Florida (District 24): Frederica Wilson, Current age: 77

Florida (District 26): Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Current age: 48

Florida (District 27): Donna Shalala, Current age: 78

Georgia (District 2): Sanford Bishop, Current age: 72

Georgia (District 4): Hank Johnson, Current age: 65

Georgia (District 5): John Lewis, Current age: 79

Georgia (District 6): Lucy McBath, Current age: 59

Georgia (District 13): David Scott, Current age: 74

Hawaii (District 1): Ed Case, Current age: 67

Hawaii (District 2): Tulsi Gabbard, Current age: 38

Illinois (District 1): Bobby Rush, Current age: 73

Illinois (District 2): Robin Kelly, Current age: 63

Illinois (District 3): Dan Lipinski, Current age: 53

Illinois (District 4): Chuy Garcia, Current age: 63

Illinois (District 5): Mike Quigley, Current age: 61

Illinois (District 6): Sean Casten, Current age: 48

Illinois (District 7): Danny K. Davis, Current age: 78

Illinois (District 8): Raja Krishnamoorthi, Current age: 46

Illinois (District 9): Jan Schakowsky, Current age: 75

Illinois (District 10): Brad Schneider, Current age: 58

Illinois (District 11): Bill Foster, Current age: 64

Illinois (District 14): Lauren Underwood, Current age: 33

Illinois (District 17): Cheri Bustos, Current age: 58

Indiana (District 1): Pete Visclosky, Current age: 70

Indiana (District 7): Andre Carson, Current age: 45

Iowa (District 1): Abby Finkenauer, Current age: 31

Iowa (District 2): Dave Loebsack, Current age: 67

Iowa (District 3): Cindy Axne, Current age: 54

Kansas (District 3): Sharice Davids, Current age: 39

Kentucky (District 3): John Yarmuth, Current age: 72

Louisiana (District 2): Cedric Richmond, Current age: 46

Maine (District 1): Chellie Pingree, Current age: 64

Maine (District 2): Jared Golden, Current age: 39

Maryland (District 2): Dutch Ruppersberger, Current age: 73

Maryland (District 3): John Sarbanes, Current age: 57

Maryland (District 4): Anthony G. Brown, Current age: 58

Maryland (District 5): Steny Hoyer, Current age: 80

Maryland (District 6): David Trone, Current age: 64

Maryland (District 7): Elijah Cummings, Current age: 68

Maryland (District 8): Jamie Raskin, Current age: 57

Massachusetts (District 1): Richard Neal, Current age: 70

Massachusetts (District 2): Jim McGovern, Current age: 60

Massachusetts (District 3): Lori Trahan, Current age: 46

Massachusetts (District 4): Joe Kennedy, Current age: 39

Massachusetts (District 5): Katherine Clark, Current age: 56

Massachusetts (District 6): Seth Moulton, Current age: 41

Massachusetts (District 7): Ayanna Pressley, Current age: 45

Massachusetts (District 8): Stephen F. Lynch, Current age:64

Massachusetts (District 9): Bill Keating, Current age: 67

Michigan (District 5): Dan Kildee, Current age: 61

Michigan (District 8): Elissa Slotkin, Current age: 43

Michigan (District 9): Andy Levin, Current age: 59

Michigan (District 11): Haley Stevens, Current age: 36

Michigan (District 12): Debbie Dingell, Current age: 66

Michigan (District 13): Rashida Tlaib, Current age: 43

Michigan (District 14): Brenda Lawrence, Current age: 65

Minnesota (District 2): Angie Craig, Current age: 47

Minnesota (District 3): Dean Phillips, Current age: 50

Minnesota (District 4): Betty McCollum, Current age: 65

Minnesota (District 5): Ilan Omar, Current age: 38

Minnesota (District 7): Collin Peterson, Current age: 75

Mississippi (District 2): Bennie Thompson, Current age: 71

Missouri (District 1): Lacy Clay, Current age: 63

Missouri (District 5): Emanuel Cleaver, Current age: 75

Nevada (District 1): Dina Titus, Current age: 69

Nevada (District 3): Susie Lee, Current age: 53

Nevada (District 4): Steven Horsford, Current age: 46

New Hampshire (District 1): Chris Pappas, Current age: 39

New Hampshire (District 2): Ann McLane Kuster, Current age: 63

New Jersey (District 1): Donald Norcross, Current age: 61

New Jersey (District 2): Jeff Van Drew, Current age: 66

New Jersey (District 3): Andy Kim, Current age: 37

New Jersey (District 5): Josh Gottheimer, Current age: 44

New Jersey (District 6): Frank Pallone, Current age: 68

New Jersey (District 7): Tom Malinowski, Current age: 54

New Jersey (District 8): Albio Sires, Current age: 68

New Jersey (District 9): Bill Pascrell, Current age: 82

New Jersey (District 10): Donald Payne, Jr., Current age: 61

New Jersey (District 11): Mikie Sherill, Current age: 47

New Jersey (District 12): Bonnie Watson Coleman, Current age: 74

New Mexico (District 1): Deb Haaland, Current age: 59

New Mexico (District 2): Xochitl Torres Small, Current age: 35

New Mexico (District 3): Ben Ray Lujan, Current age: 47

New York (District 3): Thomas Suozzi, Current age: 57

New York (District 4): Kathleen Rice, Current age: 54

New York (District 5): Gregory Meeks, Current age: 66

New York (District 6): Grace Meng, Current age: 44

New York (District 7): Nydia Velazquez, Current age: 66

New York (District 8): Hakeem Jeffries, Current age: 49

New York (District 9): Yvette Clarke, Current age: 55

New York (District 10): Jerrold Nadler, Current age: 72

New York (District 11): Max Rose, Current age: 33

New York (District 12): Carolyn Maloney, Current age: 73

New York (District 13): Adriano Espaillat, Current age: 65

New York (District 14): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Current age: 30

New York (District 15): Jose Serrano, Current age: 76

New York (District 16): Eliot Engel, Current age: 72

New York (District 17): Nita Lowey, Current age: 82

New York (District 18): Sean Patrick Maloney, Current age: 53

New York (District 19): Antonio Delgado, Current age: 42

New York (District 20): Paul Tonko, Current age: 70

New York (District 22): Anthony Brindisi, Current age: 41

New York (District 25): Joseph Morelle, Current age: 62

New York (District 26): Brian Higgins, Current age: 60

North Carolina (District 1): G.K. Butterfield, Current age: 72

North Carolina (District 4): David Price, Current age: 79

North Carolina (District 12): Alma Adams, Current age: 73

Ohio (District 3): Joyce Beatty, Current age: 69

Ohio (District 9): Marcy Kaptur, Current age: 73

Ohio (District 11): Marcia Fudge, Current age: 67

Ohio (District 13): Tim Ryan, Current age: 46

Oklahoma (District 5): Kendra Horn, Current age: 43

Oregon (District 1): Suzanne Bonamici, Current age: 65

Oregon (District 3) Earl Blumenauer, Current age: 71

Oregon (District 4): Peter DeFazio, Current age: 72

Oregon (District 5): Kurt Schrader, Current age: 68

Pennsylvania (District 2): Brendan Boyle, Current age: 42

Pennsylvania (District 3): Dwight Evans, Current age: 65

Pennsylvania (District 4): Madeleine Dean, Current age: 60

Pennsylvania (District 5): Mary Gay Scanlon, Current age: 60

Pennsylvania (District 6): Chrissy Houlahan, Current age: 52

Pennsylvania (District 7): Susan Wild, Current age: 62

Pennsylvania (District 8): Matt Cartwright, Current age: 58

Pennsylvania (District 17): Connor Lamb, Current age: 35

Pennsylvania (District 18): Michael F. Doyle, Current age: 66

Rhode Island (District 1): David Cicilline, Current age: 58

Rhode Island (District 2): Jim Langevin, Current age: 55

South Carolina (District 1): Joe Cunningham, Current age: 37

South Carolina (District 6): Jim Clyburn, Current age: 79

Tennessee (District 5): Jim Cooper, Current age: 65

Tennessee (District 9): Steve Cohen, Current age: 70

Texas (District 7): Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Current age: 44

Texas (District 9): Al Green, Current age: 72

Texas (District 15): Vicente Gonzalez, Current age: 52

Texas (District 16): Veronica Escobar, Current age: 50

Texas (District 18): Sheila Jackson Lee, Current age: 69

Texas (District 20): Joaquin Castro, Current age: 45

Texas (District 28): Henry Cuellar, Current age: 64

Texas (District 29): Sylvia Garcia, Current age: 69

Texas (District 30): Eddie Johnson, Current age: 84

Texas (District 32): Colin Allred, Current age: 36

Texas (District 33): Marc Veasey, Current age: 48

Texas (District 34): Filemon Vela, Jr., Current age: 56

Texas (District 35): Lloyd Doggett, Current age: 73

Utah (District 4): Ben McAdams, Current age: 45

Vermont (At Large): Peter Welch, Current age: 72

Virginia (District 2): Elaine Luria, Current age: 44

Virginia (District 3): Bobby Scott, Current age: 72

Virginia (District 4): Donald McEachin, Current age: 58

Virginia (District 7): Abigail Spanberger, Current age: 40

Virginia (District 8): Don Beyer, Current age: 69

Virginia (District 10): Jennifer Wexton, Current age: 51

Virginia (District 11): Gerry Connolly, Current age: 69

Washington (District 1): Suzan DelBene, Current age: 57

Washington (District 2): Rick Larsen, Current age: 54

Washington (District 6): Derek Kilmer, Current age: 45

Washington (District 7): Pramila Jayapal, Current age: 54

Washington (District 8): Kim Schrier, Current age: 51

Washington (District 9): Adam Smith, Current age: 54

Washington (District 10): Dennis Heck, Current age: 67 (Retiring)

Wisconsin (District 2): Mark Pocan, Current age: 55

Wisconsin (District 3): Ron Kind, Current age: 56

Wisconsin (District 4): Gwen Moore, Current age: 68


Alabama (District 1): Bradley Byrne, Current age: 63

Alabama (District 2): Martha Roby, Current age: 42 (Retiring)

Alabama (District 3): Mike Rogers, Current age: 60

Alabama (District 4): Robert Aderholt, Current age: 53

Alabama (District 5): Mo Brooks, Current age: 64

Alabama (District 6): Gary Palmer, Current age: 64

Alaska (At Large): Don Young, Current age: 85

Arizona (District 4): Paul Gosar, Current age: 61

Arizona (District 5) Andy Biggs, Current age: 61

Arizona (District 6): David Schweikert, Current age: 57

Arizona (District 8): Debbie Lesko, Current age: 61

Arkansas (District 1): Rick Crawford, Current age: 53

Arkansas (District 2): French Hill, Current age: 63

Arkansas (District 3): Steve Womack, Current age: 62

Arkansas (District 4): Bruce Westerman, Current age: 52

California (District 1): Doug LaMalfa, Current age: 59

California (District 4): Tom McClintock, Current age: 63

California (District 8): Paul Cook, (Retiring) Current age: 76

California (District 22): Devin Nunes, Current age: 46

California (District 23): Kevin McCarthy (Minority Leader), Current age: 54

California (District 42): Ken Calvert, Current age: 66

California (District 50):  Duncan D. Hunter, Current age: 43

Colorado (District 3): Scott Tipton, Current age: 63

Colorado (District 4): Ken Buck, Current age: 60

Colorado (District 5): Doug Lamborn, Current age: 65

Florida (District 1): Matt Gaetz, Current age: 37

Florida (District 2): Neal Dunn, Current age: 66

Florida (District 3): Ted Yoho, Current age: 64

Florida (District 4): John Rutherford, Current age: 67

Florida (District 6): Michael Waltz, Current age: 45

Florida (District 8): Bill Posey, Current age: 72

Florida (District 11): Daniel Webster, Current age: 70

Florida (District 12): Gus Bilirakis, Current age: 56

Florida (District 15): Ross Spano, Current age: 53

Florida (District 16): Vern Buchanan, Current age: 68

Florida (District 17): Greg Steube, Current age: 41

Florida (District 18): Brian Mast, Current age: 39

Florida (District 19): Francis Rooney, Current age: 66 (Retiring)

Florida (District 25): Mario Diaz-Balart, Current age: 58

Georgia (District 1): Buddy Carter, Current age: 62

Georgia (District 3): Drew Ferguson, Current age: 53

Georgia (District 7): Rob Woodall, Current age: 49 (Retiring)

Georgia (District 8): Austin Scott, Current age: 50

Georgia (District 9): Doug Collins, Current age: 53

Georgia (District 10): Jody Hice, Current age: 59

Georgia (District 11): Barry Loudermilk, Current age: 56

Georgia (District 12): Rick W. Allen, Current age: 68

Georgia (District 14): Tom Graves, Current age: 49

Idaho (District 1): Russ Fulcher, Current age: 57

Idaho (District 2): Mike Simpson, Current age: 69

Illinois (District 12): Mike Bost, Current age: 59

Illinois (District 13): Rodney Davis, Current age: 49

Illinois (District 15): John Shimkus, Current age: 61 (Retiring)

Illinois (District 16): Adam Kinzinger, Current age: 41

Illinois (District 18): Darin LaHood, Current age: 51

Indiana (District 2): Jackie Walorski, Current age: 56

Indiana (District 3): Jim Banks, Current age: 40

Indiana (District 4): Jim Baird, Current age: 74

Indiana (District 5): Susan Brooks, Current age: 59 (Retiring)

Indiana (District 6): Greg Pence, Current age: 63

Indiana (District 8): Larry Bucshon, Current age: 57

Indiana (District 9): Trey Hollingsworth, Current age: 36

Iowa (District 4): Steve King, Current age: 70

Kansas (District 1): Roger Marshall, Current age: 59

Kansas: (District 2): Steve Watkins, Current age: 43

Kansas: (District 4): Ron Estes, Current age: 63

Kentucky (District 1): James Comer, Current age: 47

Kentucky (District 2): Brett Guthrie, Current age: 55

Kentucky (District 4): Thomas Massie, Current age: 48

Kentucky (District 5): Hal Rogers, Current age: 82

Kentucky (District 6): Andy Barr, Current age: 46

Louisiana (District 1): Steve Scalise, Current age: 54

Louisiana (District 3): Clay Higgins, Current age: 58

Louisiana (District 4): Mike Johnson, Current age: 47

Louisiana (District 5): Ralph Abraham, Current age: 65

Louisiana (District 6): Garret Graves, Current age: 47

Maryland (District 1): Andy Harris, Current age: 62

Michigan (District 1): Jack Bergman, Current age: 72

Michigan (District 2): Bill Huizenga, Current age: 50

Michigan (District 3): Justin Amash, Current age: 39

Michigan (District 4): John Moolenaar, Current age: 58

Michigan (District 6): Fred Upton, Current age: 66

Michigan (District 7): Tim Walberg, Current age: 68

Michigan (District 10): Paul Mitchell, Current age: 58 (Retiring)

Minnesota (District 1): Jim Hagedorn, Current age: 57

Minnesota (District 6): Tom Emmer, Current age: 58

Minnesota (District 8): Pete Stauber, Current age: 53

Mississippi (District 1): Trent Kelly, Current age: 53

Mississippi (District 3): Michael Guest, Current age: 49

Mississippi (District 4): Steven Palazzo, Current age: 49

Missouri (District 2): Ann Wagner, Current age: 57

Missouri (District 3): Blaine Luetkemeyer, Current age: 67

Missouri (District 4): Vicky Hartzler, Current age: 59

Missouri (District 6): Sam Graves, Current age: 56

Missouri (District 7): Billy Long, Current age: 64

Missouri (District 8): Jason T. Smith, Current age: 39

Montana (At Large): Greg Gianforte, Current age: 58

Nebraska (District 1): Jeff Fortenberry, Current age: 59

Nebraska (District 2): Don Bacon, Current age: 56

Nebraska (District 3): Adrian Smith, Current age: 49

Nevada (District 2): Mark Amodei, Current age: 61

New Jersey (District 4): Chris Smith, Current age: 66

New York (District 1): Lee Zeldin, Current age: 39

New York (District 2): Peter King, Current age: 75 (Retiring)

New York (District 21): Elise Stefanik, Current age: 35

New York (District 23): Tom Reed, Current age: 48

New York (District 24): John Katko, Current age: 57

New York (District 27): Chris Collins, Current age: 69 (Resigned)

North Carolina (District 2): George Holding, Current age: 51

North Carolina (District 3): Walter Jones, Current age: 76

North Carolina (District 5): Virginia Foxx, Current age: 76

North Carolina (District 6): Mark Walker, Current age: 50

North Carolina (District 7): David Rouzer, Current age: 47

North Carolina (District 8): Richard Hudson, Current age: 48

North Carolina (District 10): Patrick McHenry, Current age: 44

North Carolina (District 11): Mark Meadows, Current age: 60 (Retiring)

North Carolina (District 13): Ted Budd, Current age: 48

North Dakota (At Large): Kelly Armstrong, Current age: 43

Ohio (District 1): Steve Chabot, Current age: 66

Ohio (District 2): Brad Wenstrup, Current age: 61

Ohio (District 4): Jim Jordan, Current age: 55

Ohio (District 5): Bob Latta, Current age: 63

Ohio (District 6): Bill Johnson, Current age: 65

Ohio (District 7): Bob Gibbs, Current age: 65

Ohio (District 8): Warren Davidson, Current age: 49

Ohio (District 10): Mike Turner, Current age: 59

Ohio (District 12): Troy Balderson, Current age: 57

Ohio (District 14): David Joyce, Current age: 62

Ohio (District 15): Steve Stivers, Current age: 54

Ohio (District 16): Anthony Gonzalez, Current age: 35

Oklahoma (District 1): Kevin Hern, Current age: 58

Oklahoma (District 2): Markwayne Mullin, Current age: 42

Oklahoma (District 3): Frank Lucas, Current age: 59

Oklahoma (District 4): Tom Cole, Current age: 70

Oregon (District 2) Greg Walden, Current age: 62

Pennsylvania (District 1): Brian Fitzpatrick, Current age: 46

Pennsylvania (District 9): Dan Meuser, Current age: 55

Pennsylvania (District 10): Scott Perry, Current age: 57

Pennsylvania (District 11): Lloyd Smucker, Current age: 55

Pennsylvania (District 12): Tom Marino, Current age: 67

Pennsylvania (District 13): John Joyce, Current age: 62

Pennsylvania (District 15): Glenn Thompson, Current age: 60

Pennsylvania (District 16): Mike Kelly, Current age: 71

South Carolina (District 2): Joe Wilson, Current age: 72

South Carolina (District 3): Jeff Duncan, Current age: 53

South Carolina (District 4): William Timmons, Current age: 35

South Carolina (District 5): Ralph Norman, Current age: 66

South Carolina (District 7): Tom Rice, Current age: 62

South Dakota (At Large): Dusty Johnson, Current age: 43

Tennessee (District 1): Phil Roe, Current age: 74 (Retiring)

Tennessee (District 2): Tim Burchett, Current age: 55

Tennessee (District 3): Chuck Fleischmann, Current age: 57

Tennessee (District 4): Scott DesJarlais, Current age: 55

Tennessee (District 6): John Rose, Current age: 54

Tennessee (District 7): Mark Green, Current age: 55

Tennessee (District 8): David Kustoff, Current age: 53

Texas (District 1): Louie Gohmert, Current age: 66

Texas (District 2): Dan Crenshaw, Current age: 35

Texas (District 3): Van Taylor, Current age: 47

Texas (District 4): John Ratcliffe, Current age: 54

Texas (District 5): Lance Gooden, Current age: 37

Texas (District 6): Ron Wright, Current age: 66

Texas (District 8): Kevin Brady, Current age: 64

Texas (District 10): Michael McCaul, Current age: 57

Texas (District 11): Mike Conaway, Current age: 71 (Retiring)

Texas (District 12): Kay Granger, Current age: 76

Texas (District 13): Mac Thornberry, Current age: 61

Texas (District 14): Randy Weber, Current age: 66

Texas (District 17): Bill Flores, Current age: 65 (Retiring)

Texas (District 19): Jodey Arrington, Current age: 47

Texas (District 21): Chip Roy, Current age: 47

Texas (District 22): Pete Olson, Current age: 57 (Retiring)

Texas (District 23): Will Hurd, Current age: 42 (Retiring)

Texas (District 24): Kenny Marchant, Current age: 68

Texas (District 25): Roger Williams, Current age: 70

Texas (District 26): Michael Burgess, Current age: 69

Texas (District 27): Michael Cloud, Current age: 44

Texas (District 31): John Carter, Current age: 78

Texas (District 36): Brian Babin, Current age: 71

Utah (District 1): Rob Bishop, Current age: 68 (Retiring)

Utah (District 2): Chris Stewart, Current age: 59

Utah (District 3): John Curtis, Current age: 59

Virginia (District 1): Rob Wittman, Current age: 60

Virginia (District 5): Denver Riggleman., Current age: 49

Virginia (District 6): Ben Cline, Current age: 47

Virginia (District 9): Morgan Griffith, Current age: 61

Washington (District 3): Jaime Herrera Beutler, Current age: 41

Washington (District 4): Dan Newhouse, Current age: 64

Washington (District 5): Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Current age: 50

West Virginia (District 1): David McKinley, Current age: 72

West Virginia (District 2): Alex Mooney, Current age: 48

West Virginia (District 3): Carol Miller, Current age: 69

Wisconsin (District 1): Bryan Steil, Current age: 38

Wisconsin (District 5): Jim Sensenbrenner, Current age: 76 (Retiring)

Wisconsin (District 6): Glenn Grothman, Current age: 64

Wisconsin (District 7): Sean Duffy, Current age: 48 (Retiring September 2019)

Wisconsin (District 8): Mike Gallagher, Current age: 35

Wyoming (At Large): Liz Cheney, Current age: 53

DELEGATES (They have a voice on the floor, but no voting power.)

American Samoa: (Republican) Amata Coleman Radewagen, Current age: 72

District of Columbia: (Democrat) Eleanor Holmes Norton, Current age: 82

Guam: (Democrat) Michael San Nicolas, Current age: 38

Northern Mariana Islands: (Democrat) Gregorio Sablan, Current age: 64

Puerto Rico: (New Progressive Party & Republican) Jenniffer Gonzalez, Current age: 43

U.S. Virgin Islands: (Democrat) Stacey Plaskett, Current age: 53

It seems only fitting to end this article with the last paragraph of John F. Kennedy’s message to Congress:

“It is my hope that this Message, and the recommendations and requests it contains, can help alert every agency and branch of government to the needs of our consumers. Their voice is not always as loudly heard in Washington as the voices of smaller and better-organized groups–nor is their point of view always defined and presented. But under our economic as well as our political form of democracy, we share an obligation to protect the common interest in every decision we make. I ask the Congress, and every Department and Agency, to help in the fulfillment of that obligation.”