My Almost Virgin Blog Post

Today marks my opening act—and my first blog post on The Teri Tome.

Before writing this post, I did my usual painstaking research to see what the hell I was going to blog about and why anyone would care to read it. Based on everything I fervently read, my blog has to be pithy, witty, wise, provocative, insightful, powerful, compelling and beautifully written.  It was also highly recommended that a Mission Statement be prepared. This blogging business is going to be way more time consuming than I originally thought.

So here’s my Mission Statement: I’m a first time author, and I really need to sell copies of my book Our Romantic Getaway. This way, I can retire, kick back and do nothing but write for the rest of my life.  And since authors are supposed to have blogs, this one is mine. I will try to be pithy, witty, and wise.

I’ll probably spend a lot of time blogging about myself, since I’m technically not allowed to talk about my kids. The primary reason being, I’m afraid to ask them for their permission.  One is still not speaking to me since I published Our Romantic Getaway  last December—seems I “stained” the family name.

I did ask my husband last night for permission to blog about him from time to time, and he reservedly and begrudgingly said okay, as long as he had the final editing say in anything I write about him. He also mumbled something about his right of privacy.

So based on the family slim pickings, I’m thinking that this blog is pretty much going to be about me. And I might throw in my observations about whatever might be in the news, or throw out some questions to my readers (hopefully more than just my BFF) about any old stuff.

And while this is my first ever blog post on The Teri Tome, it is actually the second blog post of my career.

My virgin blog post was written on Monday as a guest blogger for a good friend of mine, Olga Cohen, CEO of Grohen Technologies and the creator of a product called Vaginal Renewal Complex.  Olga specializes in vaginal rejuvenation.

When Olga asked me to guest blog, I had no idea where my posting was going to take me. But check out I Need Me Some Rejuvenation – BAD.

Back to this blog post: From the research I just completed, I concluded that I should probably answer the four very important questions readers are supposed to want to know below:

Q #1: Who am I?

A #1: This is where I get to brag. I’m the founder and owner of an international news web site, which reaches over 50,000 unique visitors a month. I’m also a journalist, and a publishing and marketing consultant. I’ve been a director at Newsweek, a publisher and COO of World Press Review magazine, and publisher of Commentary magazine. As I previously informed you, Our Romantic Getaway  is my first novel. And I am working on a sequel, albeit very sloooowly.

Q #2: Why am I blogging?

A #2: Since you force me to spell out my intentions, I hope to entertain you, make some friends, keep my enemies at bay, and fulfill my requirement to blog. Oh and it would be great if I could sell some books.

Q #3: What will I be blogging about?

A #3: As stated above, I will definitely blog about me, the occasional state of the nation, the world, relationships between same-sex and/or opposite sex, friendship, loss, motherhood (without mentioning the offspring), with a little gardening thrown in there. Blogging about my relationship with a certain “someone,” may pose somewhat difficult, if not impossible, since my husband has now decided he wants out of all posts. We had a firm (on his part) discussion over coffee this morning re: his right not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasions of privacy. The rest of my blogging intentions TBD, because after all, who knew that my first blog would be about vaginal rejuvenation?

Q #4: How can you leave feedback?

A: Since I am still trying to figure out how my blog works, I have no idea.  But I’m working on it.

Stay tuned for my next blog post!