Are You Reading This Poem?

If you’re

reading this poem,

then I know


still care for me.

Hate is


with love,


thank you,

for being

out there,


looking me up.

I look you up too.

If you’re

reading this poem,

then you’ll know

I’m afraid

we’ll miss

our chance

at one last try.

One last try,

before we die.

If you’re

reading this poem,

you should know

that I’m here,

waiting for you.

And for those

who just happen to be

reading this poem,

seize the moment,

and reach out to


6 thoughts on “Are You Reading This Poem?

    1. If we don’t seize our moment now, then when? At almost 70, I am hoping my poem will open a closed door, although I am doubtful. Anger is a powerful thing.

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