Health Care and Gun Control



April 20, 1999-Columbine High School: 13 dead and 21 wounded

April 16, 2007-Virginia Tech: 32 dead and 17 wounded

July 20, 2012-Aurora Century 16 Theater: 12 dead and 70 wounded

December 14, 2012-Sandy Hook Elementary School: 26 dead

October 1, 2015-Umpqua Community College: 9 dead and 7 wounded


That’s just BS Jeb Bush, aka Mr. Wanna-be-the-President-of-the-United-States. And you know it.

But without the NRA on your side, your political goose is cooked. And after your insensitive and unpresidential comment about “stuff,” I hope your political goose is decimated.

And make no mistake about it: Our elected officials don’t control the NRA. The NRA controls our elected officials.

These officials, whom we voted into office, need to stop kowtowing to the NRA and do something bold and courageous. And we need to put pressure on those officials and force them to effect change and take charge of getting us on the right path. It is up to us to force our elected officials to curb gun violence in America and protect the safety of the public.

I have always felt that we need stricter gun laws. But I also think that our elected officials need to significantly reform our mental health system. Guns and mental health issues are a cataclysmic combination.

And until we as Americans take the necessary steps to ensure that our representatives in Washington, D.C. are looking for solutions, “stuff” is going to continue to happen. BAD STUFF. DEVASTATING STUFF. HEARTBREAKING STUFF.

The U.S. loses 90 people every day from gun violence. And since our elected officials are incapable or plain old afraid to do anything about it, it’s time for the entire country to stand up and take charge.

And sorry to inform you Jeb, your simpleminded opinion that “stuff happens” just doesn’t cut it.

One thought on “Health Care and Gun Control

  1. It’s time to address access for good mental health care. When you are having severe depression and anxiety, try to find someone trained to help you. Don’t have a couple hundred dollars to spare? too bad; most psychiatrists do not take health care insurance. If you find a group or one that does you will have to wait a long time to get help. People who are desperate do desperate things and they often are not capable of acting rationally without help. I don’t think we will see much gun control in my lifetime. There are already too many guns in the hands of desperate people. If you suffer from mental illness say it. And if you or your minor children ever go to another person’s home, ask them “do you keep guns here?” When my 10 year old daughter was invited for a weekend to the country I asked that question and the woman said what a great question. no one ever asked it before. time to ask. time to let people who have guns that you do not want to be anywhere near their guns. You might be surprised by some of your friends that do have guns. Very complicated issue. Let’s keep talking about it.

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