I Hear a Symphony

The wind rustles

through the

Cypress trees,

while the



like Christmas




in the

waning light.

It’s chilly

but I sit

and shiver,

grateful for

the symphony,

the lion

in plain sight.

I feel so much,

yet never enough.

I wonder

what they’re


and wait.

2 thoughts on “I Hear a Symphony

  1. Your poem eloquently expressed music as the universal language. I understand why my mother, grandmother, and late sister(-in-law) Carol listened intently to birds singing. Teri, thank you for your gentle reminders of Life’s joys.

    1. Oh, Kathy K, my backyard Leyland Cypress trees are so full of birds that some of my friends get creeped out, LOL. But those birds give me incredible joy. The best is when I take my iPod outside and play classical music to them. At first, they are very quiet, and then they all break into song, which delights me every time.

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