She’s Quite a Picture

One treasured

photo of

wisping hair

on feathered lashes,

a curly cowlick,

and skin so fair.

And those

mischievous eyes

so diligently

fixed on the prize.

Soon she will eat cake.

2 thoughts on “She’s Quite a Picture

  1. Yes! Through your short but descriptive poem, I can relive that joy-filled anticipation, see the smiles from family and friends, awe at the beautifully decorated cake, hope that my wish will come true, – and now with photos to recapture those sweet memories.

    1. Kathy K, I so hope that one day I can share the meaning of the poem with you, but not here. I, too, have a wish and still have hope that it just might come true. But time is not on my side…

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