60,000 Dead My “Friends”

I thought he was my friend

until on March 18

he spewed his hate

and labeled me

a New York liberal.

His snarky friends



were making fun of

Cuomo and Scarsdale

while my family

was in lockdown and

my Aunt Mary was dying.

It’s a blue state thing

they wrote.

Like if I live in a blue state

I deserve to die.

I told him off.

He unfriended me.

“I think it’s because you are too much

for the guy. And Teri, I’m saying that in a good way.”

That’s what a true friend said.

My Aunt gave her ventilator

to somebody else.

She was buried on my birthday

and by April 6

10,000 in the U.S.

were dead.

What do 10,000 people

look like?

I found a photo

and printed it.

I ran my fingers over the

tapestry of faces and flags.

No red or blue or

black or brown or

white demarcations.

Packed together,

because it was

before our world


April 11

was always a

sad day.

But this April 11

20,000 were dead

and my sad seemed

meaningless in comparison.

I printed a second copy

of the 10,000 photo

and glued it

next to the other one.

It felt wrong to glue them


And then 10,000 more by

April 16.

So I printed another one

and this time it felt

right to glue

them together.

I wept because

the triptych was

beyond words.

Four days later

Another 10,000.

Up to 40,000 now.

I printed the photo.

But I refused to glue it.

And then there was that

imbecilic friend

who wrote that more

people die from

the flu than Coronavirus.

Dr. Nobody.

I wanted to cut

her down to size

with my words.

I won’t rest until

I do.

Maybe she’ll

read this

and dump me.

April 24, another 10,000.

It took me three days

to finally print the

photo out.

50,000 dead

in the U.S.

and the WHO says

the worst is yet

to come.

And now today

another 10,000.

60,438 dead

in the U.S.

I thought about how to

share this with you.

I asked myself if I should print it out

yet again.

Yes, show them.

I didn’t want to,

but I felt compelled to

print and glue

them all next to

each other.

To show you


8 thoughts on “60,000 Dead My “Friends”

  1. This is heart wrenching & so effective, Teri. I just had a similar defriending experience. Worth not talking about anything with her for a long while.

  2. You captured this in the most heartfelt way. Numbers and words are meaningless if they don’t relate to people. Your aunt and your friend died. Those are two, but they mean so much more than that “friend” who does not deserve to be called such. And where is the leadership we need so much now? Governor Cuomo and Dr Fauci and here to help and reassure us, but those who look to trump as their savior are doomed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Vicki. And indeed, where is the Federal leadership? Let’s hope November 3rd turns this freak show around.

  3. Teri, are you still blogging? It’s getting worse every day. I am praying for this country, this world. I hope you’re safe. Keep writing.

    1. Yes, Dawn, I am still blogging. Thanks for your uplifting comment and stay safe. We are a strong country and we will get past this.

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