U.S. Senate Seats Up for Reelection

[This blog post was updated on April 19, 2024]

Of the current 100 Senators, 48 are Democrats, 49 are Republicans, and 3 are Independents.

If we’ve learned anything from the 2022 elections, it’s that one senator can make a significant difference on some extremely consequential issues, especially if the party control of the Senate is close.

It’s never too early for reelection vision time. The time to start organizing is now.

There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate, and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Each state sends two Senators to represent their state in the U.S. Senate. In the Senate, the majority has the power to schedule when various bills come to the floor for voting, but a single Senator can slow legislation from coming to the floor for a vote.

Since debate in the Senate is not concluded until 60 Senators vote for a cloture motion to approve a bill for consideration, the majority must also coordinate with the minority party to set the rules for debate on legislation.

Under this system, legislation can be debated for one or two weeks on the Senate floor alone.

Senators serve a six-year term, and elections to the Senate are staggered over even years so that approximately 1/3 of the Senate is up for reelection during any election.

To contact your Senator, click here.

Below are the Senate seats up for reelection in alphabetical order by political party, reelection year, and state.

Democrats up for reelection in 2024:

California: Laphonza Butler (Not running for re-election)

Connecticut: Chris Murphy

Delaware: Tom Carper (Retiring)

Hawaii: Mazie Hirono

Maryland: Ben Cardin (Retiring)

Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren

Michigan: Debbie Stabenow (Retiring)

Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar

Montana: Jon Tester

Nevada: Jacky Rosen

New Jersey: Bob Menendez (Won’t seek re-election as a Democrat, but didn’t rule out in Independent bid)

New Mexico: Martin Heinrich

New York: Kirsten Gillibrand

Ohio: Sherrod Brown

Pennsylvania: Bob Casey Jr.

Rhode Island: Sheldon Whitehouse

Virginia: Tim Kaine

Washington: Maria Cantwell

West Virginia: Joe Manchin (Retiring)

Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin

Independents up for reelection in 2024:

Arizona: Kyrsten Sinema (Retiring)

Maine: Angus King

Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Republicans up for reelection in 2024:

Florida: Rick Scott

Indiana: Mike Braun (Braun is running for Governor in 2024. Representative Jim Banks announced he will run for Braun’s Senate seat.)

Mississippi: Roger Wicker

Missouri: Josh Hawley

Nebraska: Deb Fischer

North Dakota: Kevin Cramer

Oklahoma: Markwayne Mullin

Tennessee: Marsha Blackburn

Texas: Ted Cruz

Utah: Mitt Romney (Retiring)

Wyoming: John Barrasso

Democrats up for reelection in 2026:

Colorado: John Hickenlooper

Delaware: Chris Coons

Georgia: Jon Ossoff

Illinois: Dick Durbin

Massachusetts: Ed Markey

Michigan: Gary Peters

Minnesota: Tina Smith

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen

New Jersey: Cory Booker

New Mexico: Ben Ray Lujan

Oregon: Jeff Merkley

Rhode Island: Jack Reed

Virginia: Mark Warner

Republicans up for reelection in 2026:

Alabama: Tommy Tuberville

Alaska: Dan Sullivan

Arkansas: Tom Cotton

Idaho: James Risch

Iowa: Joni Ernst

Kansas: Roger Marshall

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell

Louisiana: Bill Cassidy

Maine: Susan Collins

Mississippi: Cindy Hyde-Smith

Montana: Steve Daines

Nebraska: Ben Sasse

North Carolina: Thom Tillis

South Carolina: Lindsey Graham

South Dakota: Mike Rounds

Tennessee: Bill Hagerty

Texas: John Cornyn

West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito

Wyoming: Cynthia Lummis

Democrats up for reelection in 2028:

Arizona: Mark Kelly

California: Alex Padilla

Colorado: Michael Bennet

Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal

Georgia: Raphael Warnock

Hawaii: Brian Schatz

Illinois: Tammy Duckworth

Maryland: Chris Van Hollen

Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto

New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan

New York: Chuck Schumer

Oregon: Ron Wyden

Pennsylvania: John Fetterman

Vermont: Peter Welch

Washington: Patty Murray

Republicans up for reelection in 2028:

Alabama: Katie Britt

Alaska: Lisa Murkowski

Arkansas: John Boozman

Florida: Marco Rubio

Idaho: Mike Crapo

Indiana: Todd Young

Iowa: Chuck Grassley

Kansas: Jerry Moran

Kentucky: Rand Paul

Louisiana: John N. Kennedy

Missouri: Eric Schmitt

North Carolina: Ted Budd

North Dakota:  John Hoeven

Ohio: JD Vance

Oklahoma: James Lankford

South Carolina: Tim Scott

South Dakota: John Thune

Utah: Mike Lee

Wisconsin: Ron Johnson

8 thoughts on “U.S. Senate Seats Up for Reelection

  1. To whom or what organization should I donate to have Rand Paul voted out as Senator? To whom or what organization do I donate to have Mitch McConnell voted out as Senator?

    1. Act Blue is supporting Democratic candidates. Donations to them can be used for any of the candidates you choose. Donating to the Democratic candidates that are running against these 2 senators is money well spent.+

  2. I am positive if that mob had broken into the Senate Chamber and had murdered or maimed some of those Republican cowards, the remainder would still have voted to acquit their Cult Leader Donald. It is too bad that so very few in this country know history. Most of Donald’s base don’t have an I.Q. above room temperature. As to history, many of those cult members don’t know how many stars are on our ‘Old Glory’. They don’t know how many stripes there are or what they stand for. As to history, ‘what goes around, comes around’. Just read the antics of Adolf Hitler. Hitler spit out so much vile hatred, that his base grew from day to day. When he had the German Congress torched, his followers cheered! Like our Senate, his followers were in the minority in January 1933. This did not stop him or the idiots that followed. 12 years later he shot himself and his beloved Germany lay in total ruin. It was then that the people realized what had happened and the only thing they could do was blame everyone else. I bet Donald’s Daddy had two to three copies of ‘Mein Kampf’ and read Donald diligently from it at bedtime! The parallel between Hitler’s antics and Donald’s antics are immense. Maybe Donald will do the same as Adolf?

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