House Republican Beer Bash After AHCA Passage

AHCA: The American Health Care Act. You may have noticed that they didn’t call it the “Affordable” Health Care Act.

And since the AHCA seems so un-American to me, I came up with my own word-morph to describe it: TryanCare.

Trump and Ryan, they keep on tryin.

Several reporters photographed and described stacks of Bud Lite being wheeled into the Capitol around 2 pm on Thursday, May 4, shortly after the vote to approve TryanCare began at 1:30.

My first thought after getting an email from a reporter friend of mine describing the beer fest was: Alcohol is allowed in the Capital Building? Is that even legal?

So let me get this straight. The Republican Party, who are vehemently “pro-life” for “persons” in the womb, are now celebrating because millions of those very same people could die without proper medical coverage?

And please don’t try to explain the moral logic to me.

I know why they were celebrating, and it had absolutely nothing to do with health care.

Let’s call TryanCare what it is:

A moral travesty, which will deny health care to tens of millions of “post-fetus persons” for the sole purpose of handing the very wealthy a near-trillion dollar tax cut. Individuals with incomes over $1 million will save an average of more than $50,000 a year. (Pittance to a multi-millionaire.)

There you have it, folks. What better time to wheel out cases of beer on government property?

They had time to plan a 2 pm on-the-job beer bash but not to read the bill or get a CBO score?

And call me parochial, but the Capitol Building seems like the wrong place to throw back a few cold brews. If our Representatives were in a celebratory mood, there are sports bars for that.

And I can’t help but wonder how many of our “Representatives” drank at the office and then got behind the wheel of a car for their drive home.

Oh and one more thing: The Center for American Progress estimates that premiums for someone seeking treatment for addiction will rise by $20,000 under TryanCare. But not for members of Congress: Republicans voted to exempt their health insurance from provisions of the health care law.




2 thoughts on “House Republican Beer Bash After AHCA Passage

  1. Thanks for your take on this. I don’t keep up as you may know. I did google it several times but I could not find anything that explained to an average American what the “revised” plan is and I don’t even know enough about it to see the good and the bad parts of what has (or will be) been done. So for people like me I’m pleased to get the opinion from you because unlike me, You keep up; you could probably explain where we are at regarding this issue better than anything I’ve googled. Just a waste of time and I’m not alone; where should the public actually see what the government seems to be putting in place? I may sound stupid but I really want the information. Thanks

  2. Terry I love reading your blog, especially those that involve traveling. Politics? Not so much! So explain to me how Obama Care was affordable? First let’s not ignore the fact that Iowa has lost every insurance provider in the state because they can’t make money, Virginia and Arizona are close behind just to name a few. Take my little company for example. I have 28 employees. Seven of them (Thank God!) get their insurance from their spouse’s plan. Of the 21 remaining I had to change to a plan that increased their co-pay from $15 Rx – $30 doctor visit with max OOP (out of pocket) of $2,300 individual $5,000 family, to 4,500 individual, $8,000.00 family. Also the most common plan used, (I offer three) cost the employee $482 a month for a typical family of four. That’s up from my pre Obama plan that cost them $187/month. My cost as an employer increased $1,800 per employee. If you do the math that’s $37,800. So where does this money come from?
    It comes out of my pocket. Just ask any small business owner that has had to deal with this. If I don’t provide it I risk losing my best employees to some larger corporation. Keep in mind it was Nancy Pelosi that said, “First we need to pass the bill before we get to read it” so your comment on republicans not reading the bill falls a bit short. Most important is the fact that on Obamacare the republicans were not even given a chance to work on the bill. At least this time after the Senate has its way with it, surely it will be completely different, who knows maybe the democrats will try to help make it what it should be.
    Everyone should have health care but the ACA is a complete failure.

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