Rest in Peace, Aunt Barb

On Sunday night, November 27, as my Aunt Barb and Uncle Lou were walking across a street, my aunt was hit by a speeding car which fled the scene after the horrific accident. She passed away the following morning, November 28, on their 52nd wedding anniversary. No words can ever express how much I loved her, and how her love for me healed my whole being.  Rest in peace, Aunt Barb.

Dear Aunt Barb,
I never knew anyone kinder or gentler than you
Your goodness shone brightly from the inside out
Your selflessness was your gift to all of us
Your caring attention which you so lovingly bestowed was unsurpassed
Your compassion, your beauty, and your purity was undeniable
I was so blessed to have been loved by you
So privileged that I held a special place in your heart
I adored you and cherished your opinion and your perspective
I saw a different Teri through your eyes
And I was ever thankful for your dignity, your calm demeanor
Your saintly way of helping me to see my specialness
I was looking forward to years and years with you
But life is cruel
And my future years with you are gone
You are forever missing from me now
The only thing I can cling to
Is the ever presence of your angelic spirit
And your resplendent soul
Rest peacefully
Watch over me Aunt Barb
And when you see my grandmother
hold her in your loving arms
until I see you both

9 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Aunt Barb

  1. my dear Teri, I am so sorry for your tragic loss.
    My condolences to you and your family during this most difficult time.
    please let me know if I can do anything xo


  2. This is so tragic. I am sorry for your loss but also happy that you had such a terrific person in your life. ❌⭕️

  3. There are no words. May she Rest In Peace.
    What a beautiful tribute to your aunt.
    She obviously had a major impact on your life

  4. I’m very sad to hear of your loss Terri ! Any person that could have a positive affect on your life is so important.If you can look into her life and implement her special qualities her life lives on

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